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European Casino Association’s annual industry forum comes to Monaco

European Casino Association’s annual industry forum comes to Monaco

The annual gathering of high-level representatives from the land-based casino industry will take place at the Casino de Monte-Carlo and Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in Monaco on 28 & 29 June 2018.

AGS acquires Gameiom Technologies

AGS acquires Gameiom Technologies

AGS recently announced it has acquired Gameiom Technologies Limited, a UK and Gibraltar licensed iGaming aggregator and content provider for real-money gaming and sports-betting partners.

Atlantic City Casino Revenue Takes A Slide In May, But Don’t Panic Yet

Atlantic City Casino Revenue Takes A Slide In May, But Don’t Panic Yet
Atlantic City casino revenue

Atlantic City casino revenue was down 5% in May compared to 2017, which is not a concern just yet with NJ sports betting and two new casinos coming soon.

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Sky Bet Boss Richard Flint Named UK’s Best CEO in Glassdoor’s Employees Choice Awards

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Sky Bet Boss Richard Flint Named UK’s Best CEO in Glassdoor’s Employees Choice Awards

Sky Betting & Gaming Chief Executive Richard Flint has been recognized as UK’s best CEO of 2018 in Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees Choice Awards. Mr. Flint has been at the company’s helm for nearly two decades.

Glassdoor’s list shows that the Sky Bet executive has nipped past Microsoft boss Satya Nadella and Capital One’s Richard D. Fairbank. This year’s top 5 ranking also includes Marc Benioff from Salesforce and Tim Kidd from Kantar Worldpanel.

Generally speaking, the Top CEOs list, presented by job search and reviews website Glassdoor, is based on reviews and feedback from current and former employees of one company or another. To qualify, a given company needs to be employing at least 1,000 people. Sky Bet, one of UK’s biggest online gambling companies, currently employs around 1,200 people.

Some of the comments from Sky Bet staff regarding the company’s top executive and management team pointed that managers were “approachable” and that there was clarity about how the business was doing.

As mentioned above, Mr. Flint assumed the CEO post at the major gambling company nearly twenty years ago. Sky Bet has over the years grown into the operator with the largest active UK online player base. Most recently, the company has revealed that it generates 80% of its revenue from mobile gambling, an indication that it is one of the early successful adopters of what is anticipated to turn into a leading growth driver within the global gambling industry.

Commenting on his role as a leader, Mr. Flint said in an interview with Quartz at Work that, contrary to what many believe, a boss and a leader does not always have all the answers and is not always “the smartest person in the room”. Of his approach to leadership, the executive said that he fosters a “supportive and collaborative” work environment that revolves around “empathy, humility, and honesty”.

Recognition amid Expansion

Sky Bet had previously focused its attention solely on its domestic UK market. However, the company announced last year that it would look to expand across other major markets, with the first two of these being Italy and Germany.

Reports emerged earlier this year that the company was planning to float on the London Stock Exchange. That plan was later on put on hold as Canadian gambling giant The Stars Group, owner of poker operator PokerStars, announced that it was buying Sky Bet in a deal valued at around $4.7 billion that would result in the creation of the world’s largest listed online gambling company.

The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of the year, subject to approval from gambling regulators, NASDAQ, and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Being part of The Stars Group will give Sky Bet access to a number of new markets to deliver its geographical expansion strategy in.

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British And Irish Industries Unite To Support Responsible Gambling Week 2018 Builders

British And Irish Industries Unite To Support Responsible Gambling Week 2018 Builders

The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has announced that Responsible Gambling Week 2018 will take place from 1st - 7th November and that, for the first time, organisations and businesses from Ireland and Northern Ireland will join those from Great Britain in supporting the event.

Former Taj Mahal Strip Club Scores Will Reopen Inside Hard Rock Atlantic City

Former Taj Mahal Strip Club Scores Will Reopen Inside Hard Rock Atlantic City
open for business

On opening day, Hard Rock Atlantic City will be home to a 36,000-square-foot strip club run by national gentlemen's club chain Scores, a fact that Hard Rock isn't too happy about.

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Latest Developments in Europe’s Online Gambling Industry, Comments from iGaming Legal Experts Tal Ron and Stephanie Attias

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Latest Developments in Europe’s Online Gambling Industry, Comments from iGaming Legal Experts Tal Ron and Stephanie Attias

Europe’s online gambling market has been jumping from strength to strength over the past several years and it is only poised to grow larger as technology servicing the sector becomes more sophisticated and the general demand for online services, including betting and gaming ones, keeps growing.

Although providing correct data about the actual size of the European (and the global) online gambling market could be a rather challenging task, it is believed that Europe’s online gaming and betting industry accounted for more than a half of the global Internet gambling sector in 2017. That sector was estimated to be between €38 billion and €40 billion last year, according to various sources.

Here it is also important to note that that figure represented regulated operations. However, the lack of proper regulations in an enormous number of jurisdictions not just in Europe but also in the rest of the world has pushed Internet betting and casino practices deeply underground, thus creating a behemoth black market the true size of which simply cannot be estimated.

Another important thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that as European regulated operations accounted for half of the global market, the continent’s four biggest regulated markets in terms of population – UK, France, Italy, and Spain, might have represented around a half of Europe’s regulated gambling space with collective revenue of around €8.6 billion.

The first half of the year has been an eventful period for Europe’s online gambling scene, with regulatory developments in both already regulated markets, markets that seem to be averse to change, and markets that are on the cusp of regulation. It has been just days ago that it has become known the UK plans to increase online gambling taxes to offset losses that will be incurred by the launch of a massive crackdown within the country’s land-based gambling industry.

Earlier this year, Norway announced that it would stick to its monopoly system by rolling out a set of rules that would introduce clarifications about the illegality of unlicensed gambling services provided by international operators.

Meanwhile, Sweden has completed almost all the necessary steps toward the liberalization of its online gambling market, and the country’s new law that will officialize that liberalization is now set to come into force at the turn of 2019.

Last but not least, several jurisdictions have announced that they are planning to change their existing gambling advertising rules, thus aiming to curb the promotion of gambling products and services across media.

The latest events from Europe have thus shown that the online gambling space on the continent is dynamic and ever-changing, but it is yet to be seen how these events will affect its growth in individual countries and globally.

To provide additional viewpoints on the latest developments across Europe’s online gambling scene, Casino News Daily has reached out to legal specialists Tal Itzhak Ron and Stephanie Attias from Tel Aviv-based law firm Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., who have provided their brief comments on the current state of the industry.

According to Mr. Ron and Ms. Attias,

[t]he online gambling sector is growing like never before and will continue to prosper thanks to new technologies which continue to increase business opportunities. However, such innovation needs to be followed scrutinously by appropriate legal mechanisms and barriers to keep the gambling environment safe and responsible.

This year has been a year of change for Europe’s online gambling landscape. Regulation has become more and more frequent in numerous European countries.

While some EU countries, such as the Czech Republic and Poland, have decided to establish official regulated markets, Nordic countries seem to disagree on whether the monopoly model is suitable for the online gambling landscape. Indeed, while Norway confirmed that the monopoly model was best suited for its residents in terms of carrying out safe and socially responsible gambling activities, Sweden seems to want to end the iGaming monopoly model by acknowledging the importance of introducing a proper licensing system in relation to the provision of gambling services.

Sweden’s Gambling Re-regulation Progress

The re-regulation and liberalization of Sweden’s iGaming market is among the biggest online gambling stories of this year. The Swedish national legislator, Riksdag, approved earlier this month the nation’s new law, titled Re-Regulation of the Gambling Market (En omreglerad spelmarknad) to thus open the local market to international operators.

It can be said that the country’s gray market has been thriving over the past several years and it is believed that the new regulatory regime, set to take effect on January 1, 2019 would actually result in the creation of one of Europe’s largest regulated markets.

Sweden’s whole gambling market totaled SEK22.6 billion (approximately €2.2 billion) last year. Unregulated operations accounted for nearly a quarter of that market with reported gross gambling revenue of SEK5.5 billion (approximately €533 million).

Following the necessary approval by the Swedish government, the new law now needs to survive a three-month standstill period in the European Commission. As mentioned above, it is anticipated to take effect on January 1, 2019. It would allow foreign companies to apply for licenses for the operation of online gambling services.

Lotteriinspektionen, the country’s gambling regulator, will be responsible for reviewing and granting the licenses under the new regime and also for overseeing the liberalized market. The regulatory body has announced that it would begin accepting license applications from August 1, 2018.

Commenting on the upcoming changes in Sweden’s iGaming space, Mr. Ron and Ms. Attias pointed out that:

[the] new regulation will test how well operators can manage gambling activities in a safe and responsible way, which will increase players’ trust. Indeed, Swedish players will prefer to play on regulated gambling websites, instead of unregulated and often dangerous websites.

However, we are also seeing that such regulation could end the iGaming monopoly currently in place. This is no surprise, since the Swedish government already tried to attract foreign online gambling companies which operate in other European countries and have shown a growing share of revenue from online betting due to good regulations.

Norway Keeps Existing Monopoly

While Sweden is just several months away from scrapping Svenska Spel’s monopoly over the provision of most of the gambling services that are legal under the country’s regulations, another Scandinavian jurisdiction is determined to keep its gambling monopoly as the most socially responsible model.

Earlier this year, the country’s government announced and swiftly approved new rules that aim at preventing unlicensed online gambling companies from targeting Norwegian players. The new regulatory system will also look to block transfers of money related to online gambling. Under the new regulations, the country’s regulator Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet will be authorized to require reports from banks and other financial institutions if it suspects that gambling-related money is transferred by and to Norwegians.

The new rules were sent for review by the European Commission, which traditionally does not receive too tight online gambling frameworks promoting the monopoly model very well.

Upcoming Challenges for the Online Gambling Industry

Based on developments from the past several months, it seems that new taxes, looming gambling advertising crackdowns in a couple of European jurisdictions, and the newly introduced GDPR regulation will have imminent unpleasant effects on the industry for various reasons.

The UK government confirmed earlier this month that it would roll out a higher tax on online gambling services provided in the country in a bid to offset the negative impact a looming crackdown on the highly controversial fixed-odds betting terminals would have on the Treasury.

The government has agreed to reduce the maximum stake on FOBTs to £2 from £100, a measure that anti-gambling groups and a number of British MPs have long been calling for as a necessary one, as the number of people affected by gambling addiction triggered by betting on the machines has increased tremendously over the years since their introduction across UK betting shops.

The crackdown on the gambling devices, while considered a needed move, will result in the Treasury losing several hundred million pounds in taxes, which the government will look to offset with higher levies on the country’s flourishing online betting and gaming sector.

In a different wave of stories from the past several months, it has become known that Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, and Belgium have been few of the European countries where local governments are planning to crack down on gambling advertising.

Italy and the recently announced a looming clampdown on the promotion of betting and casino services across local media outlets might have come as the biggest surprise among the above group of European countries. The online gambling sector in the country has been blossoming over the past several years and its heavy promotion has certainly boosted that growth.

However, Italy’s new coalition government has stated that it would look to curb the widespread provision of gambling services over social responsibility concerns and that it would start with advertising.

According to Mr. Ron and Ms. Attias, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation would prove a bit of a challenge for the online gambling industry. The 261-page legal document took effect late last month to address issues related to the use of personal data belonging to citizens of the European Union.

Commenting on the new regulation, the two legal specialists said that:

The newest regulatory challenges most companies are currently facing involve complying with increased Data Protection Laws, such as GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679). Indeed, such laws are changing the way businesses operate, and Operators will need to obtain significant legal advice to make sure they are using their best efforts to comply with the requirements set by such Data Protection Laws. The changes involved, include: updating privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, Cookies and many more legal obligations to make sure data is protected and processed in a secured way.


The European online gambling space certainly enjoys rapid growth in terms of revenue generated and interest from gambling customers. However, it can be seen that growth is accompanied by regulatory challenges and these, while aiming to prevent unregulated and illegal operations from being conducted, are oftentimes having the exact opposite effect of making the regulated sector less attractive and pushing players to alternative, black markets. The European and the global gambling markets are currently being shaped but the need for proper and balanced regulations is clear. It is now up to policy-makers, regulators, and industry stakeholders to achieve that balance.

About Tal Itzhak Ron and Financial Jurist Stephanie Attias

Advocate and Notary Tal Itzhak Ron – LLB, BSc, MSc, International Master of Gaming Law (IMGL), a Financial Entertainment, i-Gaming and Crypto veteran, working with the biggest names in online gaming and financial trading since 2003. Tal graduated from Haifa University School of Law and Faculty of Computer Science in 2001, and while working as a software developer at the publicly-traded software company Ness Technologies, has further obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University in 2006. Tal founded Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm 15 years ago, focusing from its start on Online Gaming, Fin Tech, Hi Tech, and Ad Tech, quickly becoming one of the first international firms practicing solely on these areas and one of the best known names on the market. His firm today advises the world leading operations, affiliates, platforms and governing bodies in Europe and Asia, and is considered the first point of contact for entrepreneurs setting up and optimizing their operations in the online space.

Financial Jurist Stephanie Attias – Graduated from Fordham University School of Law (New York), with an LL.M in Banking, Corporate and Finance Law, and from the Faculty of Law in Nice (France) with a Master of Laws in Business Law and Economics, followed by a Master of Finance in Financial Engineering with Magna Cum Laude Honors.  After working at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in New York and in the prestigious law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel, both in London and Paris, Stephanie joined Tal Ron Drihem & Co., Law Firm in 2012 as Head of Financial Law and Regulation, where she advises the top tier of financial technologies and gaming companies.

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Michael Mizrachi Eyes Third $50,000 Poker Players Championship Title

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Michael Mizrachi Eyes Third $50,000 Poker Players Championship Title

Michael Mizrachi, one of poker’s big, is entering the final day of this year’s WSOP $50,000 Poker Players Championship with a commanding chip lead over five other competitors and with great determination to win a third title from one of the most challenging live poker tournaments to be taking place annually.

Mizrachi is an indisputable poker heavyweight with three gold bracelets from the WSOP, two WPT Main Tour Main Event titles, and over $15.7 million in live tournament winnings. What is more, two of the player’s three WSOP gold pieces were captured after he had bested the always elite fields of the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.

He claimed the first such bracelet in 2010, and the second one came two years later. In 2011, the player captured one more piece during that year’s WSOP Europe edition.

Day 4 of the 2018 WSOP Poker Players Championship kicked off with 12 survivors from an original field of 87 entries. It did not take long before that start-of-the-day field was whittled down to just the final six who will compete today at the final table for the first-place prize, the gold bracelet, and the Poker Players Championship crown, which certainly speaks a lot about the champion’s skills in not one but several poker games.

Mizrachi’s Road to the Chip Lead

Mizrachi navigated through Day 4’s field, successfully winning almost every hand he was involved in. The elimination of the only other multiple Poker Players Championship winner, Brian Rast, further helped Mizrachi rocket himself to the top.

Eventually, the player bagged and tagged 8.865 million last night to secure himself with a comfortable start of the final day of action. Dan Smith, the only player with no gold bracelet left in contention, finished second in chips last night, good for 4.485 million.

Aaron Katz collected the third largest stack for 2.6 million. John Hennigan, who came fresh off a triumph in the H.O.R.S.E. championship, is now taking aim at the Poker Players Championship crown. The player finished fourth in chips last night with 2.4 million. Benny Glaser with 2.21 million and Mike Leah with 1.22 million round out the official final table of the tournament.

Play is set to resume today at 2 pm local time. Players will continue with No-Limit Hold’em. Action will continue until the winner is determined.

As mentioned above, 87 entrants joined the tournament’s field this year. That generated a prize pool of $4.176 million. The top 14 finishers would receive a share of the money. The winner will take home $1,239,126. Each of the six finalists is guaranteed a minimum cash of $191,234. The $50,000 Poker Players Championship is the 33rd gold bracelet event on this summer’s schedule of the series.

Elior Sion won the 2017 edition of the major tournament. The player survived through a field of 100 entries for the gold bracelet and $1,395,767 in prize money.

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At Long Last, A New Era Of Legal Sports Betting Begins For New Jersey

At Long Last, A New Era Of Legal Sports Betting Begins For New Jersey
starting line

Last week, Monmouth Park in Oceanport and Borgata in Atlantic City took the first legal sports bets in NJ. And with that, NJ sports betting at long last was live.

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Stockholm’s Stock Exchange Home to the Largest Number of European Online Gambling Companies

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Stockholm’s Stock Exchange Home to the Largest Number of European Online Gambling Companies

Stockholm has become a favorite stock exchange among Europe’s online gambling companies, with 19 such companies now being listed on it, following a wave of IPOs since the beginning of 2017, Bloomberg reports.

News about Sweden’s capital having the largest number of online gaming and betting companies in Europe come at a time when the country is gearing up for re-regulation and liberalization of its own online gambling market.

LeoVegas, Aspire Global AB, Cherry, Kindred Group, and Betsson are several of the companies to have opted either for Nasdaq Nordic, known to be the main Stockholm board, or the First North market over the past several years.

Danish developer of online gaming products Better Collective was the latest company to float on the Stockholm stock exchange. It started trading its shares on the main Nasdaq Stockholm market on June 8.

As mentioned above, the Swedish capital currently has 19 listed companies operating in the European online gambling industry, beating out the London Stock Exchange which is currently home to 16 gambling companies.

As many as seven iGaming companies have listed on the Nasdaq Nordic or First North markets since the beginning of 2017, with those being Global Gaming, Scout Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Better Collective, Cherry, Aspire Global, and LeoVegas, Bloomberg notes. Some of these have listed through initial public offering, others have moved from other platforms.

The business news outlet further points out that the companies’ performance has varied after their listing. Aspire Gaming has thus reached a 35% increase in its post-listing fortune, while LeoVegas has slumped 30%.

In terms of market value, London still accounts for the largest portion of European online gaming and betting companies’ collective value. However, it is important to note that Stockholm and London together currently account for 78% of the total market value of gambling companies across the continent, with Greece, France, and Spain comprising top 5.

According to Nasdaq Head of European Listings Adam Kostyal, Stockholm has become an attractive stock exchange due to its well-developed community of experts and investors as well as local entrepreneurs’ reputation of early adopters of technology and innovation. The expert further told Bloomberg that he expects more listings by both local and international gaming and betting companies to take place in near future.

Online Gambling Market Re-regulation Progress

Sweden has entered the final stages of re-regulating and liberalizing its gambling market after the country’s main legislative body, the Riksdag, approved earlier this month what would take effect as a new gambling law on January 1, 2019.

Under the new law, international gambling companies will be able to apply for and obtain a license from the local regulator, Lotteriinspektionen, and to operate online gaming and betting services in a regulated environment. Lotteriinspektionen is set to begin accepting license applications from August 1, 2018.

Sweden’s new gaming act aims to replace the country’s Lottery Act of 1994 and the Casino Act of 1999 and will scrap Svenska Spel’s monopoly over the provision of the majority of legal gambling services in the country.

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WINPOT Adds 600 More Bryke Units To Its Operations

WINPOT Adds 600 More Bryke Units To Its Operations

Riding the wave of Bryke's spectacular growth in Mexico, Zitro is pleased to announce an order of 600 Bryke units by the operators of the prestigious Winpot Group that operate 17 gaming venues in Mexico.

Japan’s Parliament approves Casino International Resorts Bill

Japan’s Parliament approves Casino International Resorts Bill

The bill, sponsored by a group of lawmakers mainly from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, would allow casino gambling in ‘integrated resorts’ that include hotels and entertainment facilities

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Gal Yifrach Wins First Gold Bracelet in 2018 WSOP $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed

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Gal Yifrach Wins First Gold Bracelet in 2018 WSOP $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed

Gal Yifrach, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and recreational poker player, claimed last night his first WSOP gold bracelet for taking down Event #28: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed of this year’s edition of the popular series. Aside from the gold piece, Yifrach also collected his largest-ever poker payout of $461,798 for topping the tournament’s 868-strong field.

His triumph in the WSOP came a little over a year after the player captured a gold piece from the WSOP Circuit. Back at The Bicycle, Yifrach entered a WSOP Circuit $3,250 High Roller to win it and collect his first gold ring from the series.

Speaking to WSOP staff last night, Yifrach said that he usually does not play much of a tournament poker and that tables where higher-stakes cash games are played are where he could be seen more often. He also pointed out that he does not play professionally. With a gold ring and now a gold bracelet, he has clearly been doing very well for a non-professional.

The player said he was quite comfortable with the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max’s structure as it allowed for a lot of hands to be played, something that is typical for cash games.

The tournament was scheduled as a three-day one, but it took eventually a fourth additional day for it to be sealed. On Day 3, Yifrach took the lead during four-handed play and was really hoping that he would be able to end the tournament on that day and as the winner.

He pointed out that he felt he played very well and had really nice hands coming his way, which further helped him lock the title. However, despite his own efforts to finish the job on Day 3, action had to be extended with three players left in contention.

Final Day of Action

Yifrach came into Day 4 as the chip leader and with massive advantage over his two remaining opponents – James Mackey and Gary Hasson. The three players battled it out for nearly 50 hands before a player got busted.

Hasson was that unfortunate one after clashing against the eventual winner. Action sped up quite a bit after Hasson’s elimination. The two-handed duel between Yifrach and Mackey kicked off with the former holding nearly two times more chips than his final opponent.

However, over the course of just seven hands, Mackey managed to even the stacks and put Yifrach into big danger. On the final hand of the tournament, the two players went all in, Mackey tabling pocket tens to Yifrach’s [As][8h]. A [8d][6h][2c][2s][8c] board secured Yifrach with a full house and the tournament title. A second gold bracelet thus eluded Mackey. The player took home a consolation prize of $285,377 for running deep into the event.

As mentioned above, the $3,000 buy-in six-max tournament drew a field of 868 entries who generated a prize pool of $2,343,600. The money was split into payouts for the top 131 finishers.

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John Hennigan Wins 2018 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Championship for Fifth Gold Bracelet

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John Hennigan Wins 2018 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Championship for Fifth Gold Bracelet

John Hennigan just won his fifth gold bracelet from the WSOP after four days of grueling poker action in this year’s $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. championship. The player was also awarded $414,692 for outlasting a pack of 166 entries who put to the test his skills in not just one but five different poker games.

A quiet and composed player, Hennigan remained true to himself in that tournament, as well. When asked how he felt after becoming just one of 25 players in WSOP’s history to have won five gold pieces, the player said that he was not too preoccupied with his accomplishment, although five indeed felt better than four.

As mentioned above, this year’s edition of the H.O.R.S.E. championship drew 166 entries who generated a prize pool of $1,560,400. The top 25 finishers got paid. Poker celebrities such as Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, Shaun Debb, and Jason Mercier, who won the tournament back in 2016, were among those to get busted before the money bubble burst on Day 2.

The event was planned to be played over three days, but the final two players – Hennigan and his heads-up opponent David Baker, decided that they would need a rest before completing their match, so play was extended into an additional fourth day. Both players went a long way before reaching that final stage of the game.

Iraj Parvizi Puts Up Terrific Show

UK-based player Iraj Parvizi entered the eight-handed final table as the chip leader. The player himself said jokingly several times throughout the final table that he was an amateur facing top pros. For a while, the player was dominating action, playing aggressively and putting great pressure on his opponents.

Hennigan recalled shortly after the event’s end that Parvizi proved to be a big trouble for almost everyone at the table, including for the eventual champion himself. Hennigan went on to say that it was actually only Baker who managed to keep his footing amid Parvizi’s attacks.

The UK player eventually exited in fourth place. Lee Salem left next. The player began three-handed play as the chip leader, but quickly lost his momentum and the last of his chips to the two remaining players.

Hennigan and Baker battled throughout the final level of the night, but could not determine the champion and eventually decided to call it a night and resume play on the next day. Baker was the short stack at that point. On the final day of action, the player managed to double several times to keep himself and his significantly smaller stack afloat, but a Limit Hold’em hand eventually saw him bust in second place for $256,297.

On the final hand in play, Baker went all in for his last 65,000 with [Ad][6s] to his opponent’s [Jc][3h]. The board ran out [10s][3s][2h][Qh][Qc] to put an end to the tournament.

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21Bet upgrades Sportsbook with Digitain

21Bet upgrades Sportsbook with Digitain

Digitain the multi-channel casino and sports betting platform provider confirmed that Malta-licensed 21Bet had been successfully migrated to Digitain’s fully managed sportsbook solution.

Caesars’ Las Vegas Casino Resort Employees Approve New Contract

Casino News Daily
Caesars’ Las Vegas Casino Resort Employees Approve New Contract

Unionized workers at Caesars Entertainment Corp.’s Las Vegas Strip and downtown properties approved Thursday the terms of a new five-year contract, thus putting an end to months of negotiations that, in another case scenario, could have culminated in a citywide employees’ strike.

While no details have been released about the terms of the new contract, it has emerged that it includes wage increases and a special language that aims to protect staff members in case the property they work at is sold to another company. The contract also addresses sexual harassment in the wake of multiple misconduct at the workplace allegations against disgraced casino boss Steve Wynn.

Under the terms of the new agreement between workers and their employer, guest room attendants will be provided with wireless devices that will make it possible for them to inform security that they feel under threat in due time. Employees asked for improved security at their workplace after last October’s deadly shooting in which a lone gunman opened fire into a crowd of concert-goers from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay to kill 59 people and injure nearly 500 others.

The new contract also includes language that protects Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals beneficiaries as well as immigrants that live and work in the United States temporarily under a special protective status. That particular measure was negotiated after US President Donald Trump announced that he would seek to annul the Obama administration-promoted DACA immigration policy.

Reactions to the New Contract Terms

Unionized workers at Caesars’ properties negotiated the new agreement for months. The matter escalated into a citywide vote in May that authorized the local UNITE HERE Culinary and Bartenders Unions to call a citywide strike, if the negotiating parties failed to iron out their differences by the end of May. A tentative agreement was eventually reached, which prevented the city’s largest citywide strike in decades from taking place and causing disturbances and even closures of properties.

The negotiations covered 50,000 union members employed at Las Vegas’ casino resorts, including 12,000 workers at Caesars’ properties. All 12,000 are now covered by the new contract after yesterday’s approval. They are employed at the major company’s Strip properties, including the flagship Caesars Palace, Bally’s, Harrah’s, Paris, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, The Linq, and The Cromwell, as well as the off-Strip Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

Union members have reached a similar agreement with MGM Resorts International, another major operator of casino resorts across Las Vegas.

Commenting on their new contract, workers said yesterday that by far it was the best one they had ever reached in the union’s history, particularly given the fact that it addresses safety concerns in the wake of last October’s tragedy and the sexual misconduct allegations against Mr. Wynn.

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