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Nicholas Seiken Claims Gold in 2018 WSOP $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship

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Nicholas Seiken Claims Gold in 2018 WSOP $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship

Three days ago, Nicholas Seiken, a real estate broker from Texas, entered his first-ever standalone 2-7 Triple Draw event to eventually take it down, battling and outlasting a pack of seasoned pros. Late last night, the player joined the club of WSOP gold bracelet winners as he remained the last man standing in this year’s $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship.

Seiken also collected $287,987 for outstanding performance in a game he did not have that much experience.

The tournament drew 109 entries, including a number of Triple Draw experts. Farzad Bonyadi, a three-time gold bracelet winner, was among the notables to enter the tournament. It is interesting to note that Bonyadi’s mother, Farhintaj, became the first female winner of this year’s edition of the series just a couple of days ago. She bested the field of the $1,000 Super Seniors.

Despite his effort, Bonyadi could not claim the Triple Draw Championship title last night and add another gold bracelet to his already impressive collection.

Aside from Seiken and Bonyadi, the final day of the tournament kicked off with 11 more survivors. Quite some of the remaining players struggled quite a bit throughout the day. But it looked as if Seiken, a player with significantly less experience than some of his remaining opponents, navigated through that final stage of the game very successfully.

Final Table and Heads-Up Play

By the time the official six-handed final table was set, Seiken had already built quite a stack. The player entered that final stage of the game as the chip leader with a significant lead over the next in line, who happened to be Bonyadi.

The eventual winner had 1.661 million in chips at that point to Bonyadi’s 943,000. Seiken seemingly had an easy run at the final table. In his post-victory interview, the player said that being the chip leader helped him a lot against the plethora of experienced players he was facing and he did not take much risk that would have cost him that advantage.

The only time the player lost the lead for a very short while was during three-handed play, when Randy Ohel replaced him at the top of the chip counts chart. Seiken himself admitted that he got a bit worried by Ohel’s short momentum.

Eventually, the player regained the lead, eliminated Kristijonas Andrulis in third place to cement his leading position and headed into heads-up against Ohel with a 3-2 advantage. The structure of the tournament allowed for a longer heads-up, but Seiken finished off his final opponent relatively quickly over the span of a 45-minute duel, which concluded with Ohel heading to the payout desk for a second-place prize of $177,992.

The 109-strong field of the championship tournament generated a prize pool of $1,024,600. The money was split into portions for the top 17 finishers, min-cashes starting from $14,864.

Following his latest triumph, Seiken told WSOP staff that while he is completely done with No-Limit Hold’em, we will be seeing more of him at the tables of mixed-game tournaments.

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Betfred Founder Gets £10.2 Million Dividend as Company Faces Shop Closures and Lay-Offs

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Betfred Founder Gets £10.2 Million Dividend as Company Faces Shop Closures and Lay-Offs

Betfred founder Fred Done received a £10.2 million dividend, as the company is gearing up for massive lay-offs and betting shop closures following the UK government’s recent announcement that it intends to crack down on the nation’s gambling machines sector.

Betfred reported a pre-tax loss of £18.1 million for the year ended September 24, 2017, down from a £32.4 million pre-tax profit from the previous year. Despite the decline, Mr. Done, whose net worth is estimated to be around £1.4 billion, received the same dividend as he did a year earlier.

Mr. Done and his brother, Peter, founded Betfred back in the 1960s. The bookmaker has grown into one of UK’s largest privately-owned gambling companies since then. It currently operates the nation’s third largest chain of betting shops with a total of 1,666 facilities.

The UK government confirmed last month that it would crack down on the highly controversial fixed-odds betting terminals by cutting the maximum stake the machines accept to just £2 from £100. The announcement caused a wave of protests from industry stakeholders as the maximum stake reduction would cost operators of such devices, Betfred included, hundreds of millions of pounds of gross gambling yield.

Mr. Done said last month that the crackdown could force them to close around 900 of their high street betting shops and lay off up to 4,500 workers. Reports emerged last month that the businessman was considering a judicial review in a bid to overturn the government’s decision to roll out a clampdown on the machines that campaigners have been describing as the “crack cocaine of gambling”.

Following last month’s announcement, Betfred Managing Director sent an email to staff, urging them to lobby MPs to oppose the crackdown, as the reduced stake would have a major impact “on the viability of a number of [the company’s] shops”.

It was understood earlier in June that under a reported agreement between the UK government and bookmakers, the FOBTs stakes might not be reduced before 2020.

Tote Sale

Betfred’s operations also include an online gambling platform, which the company will probably seek to boost in an attempt to offset the losses incurred by the FOBTs clampdown, as well as the Tote racing pool business.

The bookmaker acquired that latter business in 2011. The deal came with a seven-year monopoly over the provision of pool betting services across British racecourses. The monopoly expires this year and another operator, Britbet, is expected to assume control of racecourse pools across 55 major courses.

Reports surfaced earlier this year that Mr. Done was looking to sell the business and a deal was announced earlier this month. Betfred agreed to sell its pool betting operation to the Alizeti consortium, which includes racecourse owner and breeder Alex Frost. The consortium took an initial 25% share in the business with an option to buy the remaining 75% within the next three to five years. The deal could be worth around £150 million.

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Engaged Nation Launches Award-Winning REACH Digital Engagement System at Palms Casino Resort Spa

Engaged Nation Launches Award-Winning REACH Digital Engagement System at Palms Casino Resort Spa

Palms ePlay Gamified Marketing Program to Reactivate Dormant Customers and Promote $620 Million Remodel of Property and Brand

Robert Nehorayan Takes Down 2018 WSOP $1,500 Limit Hold’em

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Robert Nehorayan Takes Down 2018 WSOP $1,500 Limit Hold’em

Robert Nehorayan is known by many as Rec Rob, his nickname derived from him identifying himself as a recreational player. However, he outlasted last night a field that included seasoned poker pros like Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, and Ari Engel to win his first gold bracelet from the WSOP and his largest cash of $173,568.

The player topped the 596-strong field of Event #41: $1,500 Limit Hold’em. As mentioned above, some of poker’s top players entered the tournament to pursue another great accomplishment in the game. Of all fellow participants, Nehorayan had special praise for Terricita Gutierrez, a Limit Hold’em specialist whom the eventual champ considered his toughest opponent.

Terri, as Nehorayan called her, has been playing Limit Hold’em cash games every single day for years now to accumulate knowledge and experience that many other fellow players at the table lacked. She was ultimately eliminated in fourth place, good for $51,733.

The $1,500 event was played over three days through June 22. It saw 596 entries generate a prize pool of a little over $800,000. The top 90 places paid.

Day 3 Action Highlights

Day 3 of the tournament kicked off with 19 survivors in contention but seven of them quickly headed to the payout desk within the first 90 minutes of play. Action slowed up a bit afterward, as finalists became more aware of the event’s approaching end.

Chips swung back and forth throughout the day and the chip lead went from one player to another. Many of the remaining hopefuls had many ups and downs, but it can be said that Nehorayan managed to maintain a good stack and momentum throughout that final stage of the event. The brand new WSOP champion admitted that he had really good cards running his way, as well.

David Gee was the last player to be eliminated before the heads-up duel. That final duel took place between Nehorayan and one-time gold bracelet winner Kevin Song. Song won his piece 21 years ago for topping the field of a Limit Hold’em event. A second piece eluded him last night, unfortunately, although he fought really fiercely for it.

The match between the final two men standing began with Nehorayan holding a 3-1 advantage to Song. However, the latter quickly caught up and took the lead for a little while, putting great pressure on his opponent.

Nehorayan eventually regained his momentum and retook the chip lead to never look back. On Hand #286 of the final table, the player won a key pot that secured him with 3.9 million, while leaving Song with just 475,000.

The final hand of the tournament was dealt shortly after. On Hand #289, Nehorayan called from the button and Song raised. Nehorayan asked his opponent how much he had left and put him all in. Song tabled [8s][6s] to clash into Nehorayan’s [10s][7d]. The board landed [2c][Qh][9h][4h][Jh] to end Song’s participation in the tournament and seal the victory for Nehorayan.

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Details (And Secrets) Are Revealed During Ocean Resort’s Casino License Hearing

Details (And Secrets) Are Revealed During Ocean Resort’s Casino License Hearing
ocean resort casino license

An Ocean Resort Casino license was the final piece of the puzzle for the Atlantic City casino to open June 28, and the two-day hearing was an eye-opening experience for many.

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Bulgarian Oddity: Private Company Operates as the National Lottery, But No One Seems to Care

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Bulgarian Oddity: Private Company Operates as the National Lottery, But No One Seems to Care

Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in the European Union, but recent figures show that its gambling industry has been thriving, particularly over the past several years. And while that industry has been hopping from strength to strength, it is also understood that it has been contributing relatively small amounts of money in annual tax contributions and even smaller amounts of money for socially responsible causes.

According to multiple recent reports from local media outlets, citing official data, Bulgaria’s regulated gambling market was worth BGN3 billion (€1.5 billion) in terms of revenue generated in 2017. Scratchcards, known to be extremely popular among residents of the tiny Balkan nation, accounted for the greater portion of the revenue bulk last year.

In fact, saying that these products are extremely popular in Bulgaria is a mild representation of the nearly maniacal obsession with which hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians, mostly elderly people, are buying scratchcards, lured by the promise for a quick and easy win and a better life.

Several companies owned by Bulgarian businessman Vasil Bozhkov are known to be leaders of the local scratchcards sector. Mr. Bozhkov is one of Bulgaria’s richest people. His business interests spread across various industries and his alleged ties to the criminal underworld have long been part of media coverage focused on his curious persona.

The National Lottery and New Games are actually two of the leaders in the nation’s scratchcards sector and they are both owned by entities that are related to Mr. Bozhkov. Special attention needs to be paid to the choice of name of what has turned into the most popular seller of scratchcards in Bulgaria – the National Lottery.

In the most general case, National Lottery usually refers to a state-run entity that provides different lottery products and services and uses a portion of the money generated by the sales of those for good causes. In the case of Bulgaria’s National Lottery, we are speaking about a privately-run entity. And despite our team’s efforts, we could not find any information about how much of what it generates it has contributed to good causes.

Should a private company run an operation under the National Lottery brand? We believe that the answer to this question is quite clear and it is a bit too disturbing that this company has been allowed to conduct its activities for years, even though it has nothing to do with the state.

The National Lottery in Bulgaria vs. the National Lottery in UK/Ireland

Gambling services in the UK, including ones provided under the National Lottery brand, are regulated by the country’s Gambling Act 2005 and a companion piece from 2014. Bulgaria’s market was, too, regulated several years ago. And while Ireland’s gambling regulations are in a state of an extreme mess at the moment, there still is clarity over how the country’s National Lottery should function.

UK’s National Lottery was established in 1994 as a state-franchized entity operated by the Camelot Group. According to information from the lottery operator’s official website, it has contributed over £38 billion for good causes since it was founded more than two decades ago.

In Ireland, the National Lottery operates as a state-run entity that has been functioning since 1987. It has raised and donated more than €5 billion to good causes since established over three decades ago.

In Bulgaria, the National Lottery, as already mentioned, is a privately-run company, owned by a businessman who many would say has a rather questionable reputation, and it is quite unclear what contributions it has made to good causes, even though its official website states that it contributes funds to various education-related causes.

In other words, the National Lottery brand usually carries a connotation of an entity run by the state that offers lottery/gambling services but also considers it an important task to benefit communities by raising and distributing funds for good causes, unless you are in Bulgaria where the National Lottery does not really belong to the nation.

More Facts and Figures about Bulgaria’s Scratchcards/Gambling Industry

An economically struggling nation with a blossoming gambling industry is not something unheard of. However, when a considerable portion of an extremely poor nation resorts to buying scratchcards to the point of maniacal absurdity in hopes for a quick win, that means that there is something fundamentally wrong in the way that nation’s gambling industry functions, or rather in the way it is allowed to function by those who have control and responsibilities over those matters.

As mentioned above, Bulgaria’s gambling industry was worth around BGN3 billion last year. However, it is understood that licensed gambling operators, including those providing various lottery products, contributed just BGN177 million in tax revenue to the nation’s coffers. In comparison, Bulgaria’s tobacco industry was worth around BGN3.5 billion in 2017 and contributed BGN3 billion in excise duties and VAT.

As for Mr. Bozhkov’s lottery businesses – New Games and National Lottery – these were reported to have generated turnover of €88.5 million and €15.3 million, respectively, in 2017. The businessman’s overall gambling businesses reported turnover of nearly €300 million and profits of €76 million. Local media outlets also report that National Lottery was actually Bulgaria’s largest advertiser in 2017 with ad spending of over €23 million.

Ads promoting the operator’s scratchcard products can be spotted practically everywhere in the country and across different media outlets. In addition, scratchcards can be purchased across post offices, supermarkets, special points-of-sale, and a number of other facilities.

Meanwhile, according to the most recent information released, Bulgaria’s gambling industry contributed just around BGN2.2 million in 2016 and just around BGN2.4 million during the first three quarters of 2017 to responsible gambling causes. Licensed gambling companies are required to make such contributions under a provision in the nation’s gambling law.

Proposed Restrictions

Bulgaria clearly has a gambling problem as well as a problem with the protection of its gamblers. The country’s Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov and his party, the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, has recently introduced a bill calling for certain restrictions within the country’s gambling industry. Most of the provisions in the legislative piece are concerned namely with the operations of the National Lottery and its likes.

If the bill succeeds in Bulgaria’s National Assembly, it would roll out curbs to the promotion and sale of scratchcards and related lottery products. For instance, lottery operators would not be able to show winners on television, a popular marketing approach to which the success of these products could be greatly attributed. In addition, scratchcards would only be sold at special points of sale. As mentioned above, products of this type are currently available practically everywhere.

While Minister Simeonov’s recently proposed curbs seem as if they might be a step in the right direction, Bulgaria still needs to do much more. The country does not have a dedicated organization that works with problem gamblers. And as it can be seen, nobody really finds it odd that a private company has named itself the National Lottery, while it does not really work for the nation, unlike state-run National Lotteries around the world.

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Would Atlantic City Casinos Shut Down Too If State Shuts Down?

Would Atlantic City Casinos Shut Down Too If State Shuts Down?
new jersey state capitol

If the New Jersey government shuts down June 30, Atlantic City casinos would follow suit a few days later, but one state senator wants to prevent that from happening.

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Clarion named 'most influential company of the last 25 years’

Clarion named 'most influential company of the last 25 years’

Clarion Events, organiser of world leading gaming brands including ICE London, ICE VOX, iGB Live!, London Affiliate Conference, Juegos Miami and GiGse has been named as the event industry’s most influential company of the last 25 years.

Thursday, June 21, 2018 6:15 PM

Tut's Twister online slot game -- YGGDRASIL

Tut's Twister online slot game -- YGGDRASIL

Yggdrasil Gaming recently announced its mystical new slot, Tut’s Twister.

Farhintaj Bonyadi Wins 2018 WSOP $1,000 Super Seniors for First Gold Bracelet

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Farhintaj Bonyadi Wins 2018 WSOP $1,000 Super Seniors for First Gold Bracelet

Farhintaj Bonyadi, mother of three-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Farzad Bonyadi, outlasted a behemoth field of 2,191 to win the 2018 WSOP $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em for a gold piece of her own. The player also scooped a hefty payout of $311,451 for her efforts.

It is also interesting to note that Bonyadi actually became the first female winner of this year’s edition of the popular poker series.

The player survived through a massive field and a prolonged heads-up against Robert Beach to win her first title from the WSOP. Shortly after her victory, she said that she felt really great to have a bracelet of her own. Her son, Farzad, was on the rail to support and guide his mother. The mother and son duo told WSOP staff shortly after her victory that it was actually Farzad who taught his mother how to play poker. However, the three-time gold bracelet winner admitted that although he tried to help throughout the tournament, Bonyadi pretty much sealed the victory herself.

The tournament was expected to take place over three days but was extended into a fourth one during which Bonyadi and her heads-up opponent battled it out for the better part of three hours.

Day 3 kicked off with 43 players, but that field was eventually reduced to Bonyadi and Beach. The two players played the final level scheduled for the day and agreed to return for an additional fourth day of play.

Final Day Action

It is important to note that Bonyadi was going really strong throughout Day 3. Yet, she entered the two-handed duel at a considerable chip disadvantage, but apparently, that did not discourage her from pursuing the title. She remained calm and composed, just as her son had taught her.

Day 4 saw Bonyadi drop to 1.85 million at some point to Beach’s 9.105 million. However, her patience paid well as the player managed to double, even the stacks, and take the lead. She never looked back from that point on. After an epic marathon of chips going back and forth for 175 hands, Bonyadi eventually eliminated her final opponent.

The final hand in play saw Bonyadi raise to 425,000 pre-flop and Beach call. The [6d][4d][7c] landed on the flop. Bonyadi checked and Beach bet 600,000. Bonyadi check-raised to 1.2 million, which her opponent called. The [3s] arrived on the turn to see Bonyadi bet 600,000 and Beach call. The [5h] rolled out on the river. Bonyadi moved all in with [8s][8d] and Beach called with [9s][7s]. The latter hit the rail for $192,397, as WSOP’s brand new champion raised her hands in the air in celebration.

As mentioned above, the Super Seniors tournament attracted 2,191 entries who created a prize pool of $1,971,900. The top 329 places paid with cashes starting from $1,500.

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Swedish Gambling Authority to Publish License Application Forms for Interested Operators on July 10

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Swedish Gambling Authority to Publish License Application Forms for Interested Operators on July 10

The Swedish Gambling Authority, Lotteriinspektionen, announced Wednesday that application forms for interested gambling companies will be available on its website from July 10. The regulator has previously confirmed that the application process for online gambling licenses would start from August 1, 2018.

Yesterday’s announcement marked another preparatory stage ahead of the planned reorganization of Sweden’s gambling market.

Earlier this month, the Swedish legislature approved the country’s proposed new gambling law, Re-Regulation of the Gambling Market (En omreglerad spelmarknad), that aims to replace the country’s existing gambling regulations and liberalize the local market in a manner that would allow for international companies to be able to operate in a regulated environment.

Lotteriinspektionen said in a Wednesday press release that a number of foreign operators have already expressed interest in entering the local market and that they anticipate the beginning of the licensing process. The country’s new gambling law is expected to come into effect on January 1, 2019. It is currently being reviewed by the European Commission and is under a three-month standstill period.

The reorganization of Sweden’s landscape is expected to create one of Europe’s largest regulated online gambling markets. Online gaming and betting companies have been targeting Swedish players quite aggressively over the past several years, taking advantage of the potential of the local gambling space and there will certainly be great interest among those to be able to operate under the new regime.

According to the latest financial report from Lotteriinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling market was worth SEK22.6 billion last year and its gray iGaming market accounted for nearly a quarter of the whole with estimated revenue of SEK5.5 billion.

Possible delays of the Application Forms’ Publication

The Gambling Authority said that while it expects to be able to publish the application forms on July 10, there could be certain delays. The regulator explained that the government is yet to decide on certain aspects of the planned re-regulation of the market and that these decisions are scheduled to be made on July 5.

However, if lawmakers fail to move forward with these, the regulatory body warned that it could publish the forms at a later date and once all legal details are sorted out. Lotteriinspektionen further pointed out that it would publish its final guidelines in relation to the application process on or after July 24. The guidelines will contain important information for operators, the final regulations as approved by the government, and general advice. Application forms would be able to be submitted to the regulator from August 1.

Sweden is gearing up for the re-regulation of its market as more and more gambling companies are picking the Stockholm Stock Exchange to float on. Bloomberg recently reported that the Swedish capital’s stock exchange has become home to the largest number of gambling operators and providers with 19 such companies, beating the London Stock Exchange.

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European Casino Association’s annual industry forum comes to Monaco

European Casino Association’s annual industry forum comes to Monaco

The annual gathering of high-level representatives from the land-based casino industry will take place at the Casino de Monte-Carlo and Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in Monaco on 28 & 29 June 2018.

AGS acquires Gameiom Technologies

AGS acquires Gameiom Technologies

AGS recently announced it has acquired Gameiom Technologies Limited, a UK and Gibraltar licensed iGaming aggregator and content provider for real-money gaming and sports-betting partners.

Atlantic City Casino Revenue Takes A Slide In May, But Don’t Panic Yet

Atlantic City Casino Revenue Takes A Slide In May, But Don’t Panic Yet
Atlantic City casino revenue

Atlantic City casino revenue was down 5% in May compared to 2017, which is not a concern just yet with NJ sports betting and two new casinos coming soon.

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Sky Bet Boss Richard Flint Named UK’s Best CEO in Glassdoor’s Employees Choice Awards

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Sky Bet Boss Richard Flint Named UK’s Best CEO in Glassdoor’s Employees Choice Awards

Sky Betting & Gaming Chief Executive Richard Flint has been recognized as UK’s best CEO of 2018 in Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees Choice Awards. Mr. Flint has been at the company’s helm for nearly two decades.

Glassdoor’s list shows that the Sky Bet executive has nipped past Microsoft boss Satya Nadella and Capital One’s Richard D. Fairbank. This year’s top 5 ranking also includes Marc Benioff from Salesforce and Tim Kidd from Kantar Worldpanel.

Generally speaking, the Top CEOs list, presented by job search and reviews website Glassdoor, is based on reviews and feedback from current and former employees of one company or another. To qualify, a given company needs to be employing at least 1,000 people. Sky Bet, one of UK’s biggest online gambling companies, currently employs around 1,200 people.

Some of the comments from Sky Bet staff regarding the company’s top executive and management team pointed that managers were “approachable” and that there was clarity about how the business was doing.

As mentioned above, Mr. Flint assumed the CEO post at the major gambling company nearly twenty years ago. Sky Bet has over the years grown into the operator with the largest active UK online player base. Most recently, the company has revealed that it generates 80% of its revenue from mobile gambling, an indication that it is one of the early successful adopters of what is anticipated to turn into a leading growth driver within the global gambling industry.

Commenting on his role as a leader, Mr. Flint said in an interview with Quartz at Work that, contrary to what many believe, a boss and a leader does not always have all the answers and is not always “the smartest person in the room”. Of his approach to leadership, the executive said that he fosters a “supportive and collaborative” work environment that revolves around “empathy, humility, and honesty”.

Recognition amid Expansion

Sky Bet had previously focused its attention solely on its domestic UK market. However, the company announced last year that it would look to expand across other major markets, with the first two of these being Italy and Germany.

Reports emerged earlier this year that the company was planning to float on the London Stock Exchange. That plan was later on put on hold as Canadian gambling giant The Stars Group, owner of poker operator PokerStars, announced that it was buying Sky Bet in a deal valued at around $4.7 billion that would result in the creation of the world’s largest listed online gambling company.

The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of the year, subject to approval from gambling regulators, NASDAQ, and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Being part of The Stars Group will give Sky Bet access to a number of new markets to deliver its geographical expansion strategy in.

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British And Irish Industries Unite To Support Responsible Gambling Week 2018 Builders

British And Irish Industries Unite To Support Responsible Gambling Week 2018 Builders

The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has announced that Responsible Gambling Week 2018 will take place from 1st - 7th November and that, for the first time, organisations and businesses from Ireland and Northern Ireland will join those from Great Britain in supporting the event.

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