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John Hennigan Wins 2018 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Championship for Fifth Gold Bracelet

John Hennigan just won his fifth gold bracelet from the WSOP after four days of grueling poker action in this year’s $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. championship. The player was also awarded $414,692 for outlasting a pack of 166 entries who put to the test his skills in not just one but five different poker games.

A quiet and composed player, Hennigan remained true to himself in that tournament, as well. When asked how he felt after becoming just one of 25 players in WSOP’s history to have won five gold pieces, the player said that he was not too preoccupied with his accomplishment, although five indeed felt better than four.

As mentioned above, this year’s edition of the H.O.R.S.E. championship drew 166 entries who generated a prize pool of $1,560,400. The top 25 finishers got paid. Poker celebrities such as Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, Shaun Debb, and Jason Mercier, who won the tournament back in 2016, were among those to get busted before the money bubble burst on Day 2.

The event was planned to be played over three days, but the final two players – Hennigan and his heads-up opponent David Baker, decided that they would need a rest before completing their match, so play was extended into an additional fourth day. Both players went a long way before reaching that final stage of the game.

Iraj Parvizi Puts Up Terrific Show

UK-based player Iraj Parvizi entered the eight-handed final table as the chip leader. The player himself said jokingly several times throughout the final table that he was an amateur facing top pros. For a while, the player was dominating action, playing aggressively and putting great pressure on his opponents.

Hennigan recalled shortly after the event’s end that Parvizi proved to be a big trouble for almost everyone at the table, including for the eventual champion himself. Hennigan went on to say that it was actually only Baker who managed to keep his footing amid Parvizi’s attacks.

The UK player eventually exited in fourth place. Lee Salem left next. The player began three-handed play as the chip leader, but quickly lost his momentum and the last of his chips to the two remaining players.

Hennigan and Baker battled throughout the final level of the night, but could not determine the champion and eventually decided to call it a night and resume play on the next day. Baker was the short stack at that point. On the final day of action, the player managed to double several times to keep himself and his significantly smaller stack afloat, but a Limit Hold’em hand eventually saw him bust in second place for $256,297.

On the final hand in play, Baker went all in for his last 65,000 with [Ad][6s] to his opponent’s [Jc][3h]. The board ran out [10s][3s][2h][Qh][Qc] to put an end to the tournament.

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